Monday, July 18, 2011

Our cottage..The first three weeks

So, how do you you build a sweet little cottage on a very tight shoestring budget?  W-eeeell, you think outside the box. LOL

To begin with, we bought a twenty foot office trailer (to be used for out living room and kitchen combo.  Then Doug added  an additional 20x14 room to that space for a bedroom, small bath and closet.

Here is how it is all coming together..(we will be finished with the inside by the end of the week, so finished pics of the interior are coming soon.  :)

We removed the teeny window and added the
 biggest windows we could fit, to bring light into the space.

Doug added a room onto the office building.

Dark panel walls in the trailer have got to go.. Or I could paint over them for the ultimate cottage feel.

Messy work area.

Doug cut an opening into the bedroom area. 
There will be no door on the opening to open up the space.

Doug working.

My finished walls and ceiling in bedroom.

Door into my bitty bathroom.

Bathroom and closet.

Doug  working in our little shower.

Checking out the flooring.
So that was the first three weeks.  I think Doug is a super hero..Lots of work for one man in so little time.. working on this after work and on the weekends.
Progress pics coming tonight. :)


  1. Wow, what an amazing place that is going to be. Cant wait to see the updates xxx

  2. Wow, I adore your simple life and I'm excited for your new cottage. I imagine on how we would prepare for ours... someday! :-)

    I'm following you. Come and be a follower of my blog too!

  3. It looks great, thanks for sharing.